Thursday, February 9, 2012

Surviving An EMP Disaster Requires Knowing What It Is

Electro Magnetic Pulse is often shortened to EMP. This is a kind of disaster. It is one of the emergencies you should be preparing for if you want to take emergency preparedness seriously. It is more likely than nuclear war. A lot of countries in the world are in a race to develop weapons that can generate a huge electromagnetic pulse that will wipe out another country. The other country will be wiped out because they will immediately go back to the stone age when hit with said E.M.P..  

An E.M.P. acts to destroy computers. The world is very computer dependent now. Part of this dependence is computers to run our electrical grids. No computers, no power, no communications. Your cell phone is suddenly a not very useful piece of plastic and metal. Turn on the TV and you won't even get a test pattern. 

Oh, no problem, you might think. "We will just fire up the computer plant and make a bunch more." Nope. You need electricity to fire up the computer plant and run it and get people to work. Most cars are even computerized now.

They figure it would take years to get electricity going again after an E.M.P.. Some governments have nice underground bunkers to keep the "important" people safe in the event of all sorts of disasters including an E.M.P. strike. I read that the only way to keep a computer safe from an E.M.P. is to have it enclosed in a Faraday Cage when it hits. I gather that the computer in the Faraday Cage has to not be plugged in and working at the time.

If you have boundless faith that the wonderful people running world power governments would never be so foolhardy as to send out E.M.P.s and take us all back to the stone age, guess what?

Mother Nature can do E.M.P.s too. She has been doing a fine job of it too, by using our sun.  The sun has been doing strange things lately, including sending out giant E.M.P.s that hit the earth. A small area of the earth lost its electrical power along with computers just recently. It might have been in
South America. I'm feeling a little tired and cranky and you can bleeping well look it up yourself.

It is just an example of Mother Nature firing another warning shot across the figurative bow of the human race. My interpretation of that is, "Try to mess with me, huh? Do you feel lucky punks?" You have to admit Mother Nature has a point there. We humans have been a plague on the planet lately. We will be doing well to get through the mess we have made, alive.

I do not believe in folding our hands and giving up. I think we can get through all the mess we have made of the world and fix it. It won't be easy and a lot of people will die in the process. People who make up their minds to try to get through this mess and who have a plan and prepare for emergencies have a much better chance than those who do not.

Emergency preparedness for an E.M.P. is not rocket science, fortunately. Just treat it like a really bad power failure that might never end and you will be fine. This is an emergency where you might like to know a lot about making a fire to cook on and stay warm. A little packet of waterproof matches won't get it for this. Knowing how to make a Dakota stove would be a good idea as well. I already posted on this. Engrave the directions for making a Dakota stove on your brain. 

A general understanding of how rocket stoves work is also good for a long haul disaster. Once you understand the basic idea, you can use what is available to make a rocket stove to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and warm. You will also be able to boil water to purify it and cook.

The ability to grow your own food is something else you will probably need in the event of tit for tat E.M.P. strikes around the world or a preemptive strike by Mother Nature. If you can't manage a garden, regularly growing and eating sprouts from seed is good and an herb or two by the kitchen sink is too. It is nice to have a little fresh basil for your omelette or in your soup. It is even nicer if you know it is a survival skill.
I found an article about how to make your own Faraday Cage to protect your emergency radio, computer, and television, etc. They do not sound too difficult to make. I will make some and probably post soon on how to do it. If you feel industrious enough to click the link to the article, here it is:
Link to article about how to make a Faraday Cage to protect your electronics.

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