Thursday, February 2, 2012

Live Better Now With Preparedness

Make your life better now with your preparedness supplies and skills. The more ready you are for emergencies, the less you have to worry about them. I hope that idea is what you want to get from my blog posts. I also hope you want to act on the thought and stop worrying.

One other big way you can make your life better right now with your disaster preparedness is through your supplies. The best kind of food supplies to have for emergencies are ones that you and your family already eat regularly. You know you like them, you already know how to prepare them. When you rotate your disaster food supplies into your daily meals, the disaster food supplies will always be fresh and safe to eat.

I have changed the way I eat and prepare my daily meals somewhat so that they fit better with my disaster preparedness food supplies. This means I eat healthier and cheaper than I used to eat.

An example of this is my sprouts. I began growing sprouts partly to learn how to use them for disaster preparedness. Now sprouts are an important part of my diet. Sprouts are more healthy than some of the food I used to eat and they are much cheaper than much of the food I used to eat. My finances have gotten healthier too because of sprouts being an inexpensive way to get produce.

I like having more food ready at home without the necessity to go out shopping as frequently. That saves me a lot of time, personal energy, and stress. I do not own a car and mostly use public transit for my transportation. I do not save gas when I stay home from shopping more, but the wear and tear on me it saves are very worthwhile to me. I am much happier because of it.

Most people live in a space that they consider too small for their needs and can not find enough storage space for their current possessions, let alone extra disaster preparedness items. In case that is an obstacle to your being prepared for disasters, I will post about finding storage space for your preparedness supplies.

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