Sunday, April 22, 2012

When The Sh t Hits The Fan

"When the sh*t hits the fan", is a phrase often used by people who are experienced at preparing for disasters. This phrase means different things to different people. 

Preppers (people who like to prepare for disasters), and Survivalists (people who like to prepare to survive under adverse conditions), are a very diverse bunch of people. They run the gamut from people who think they are prepared for any disasters they might face, by keeping a few extra bandaids and cans of soup on hand, to those who are ready for Armageddon.

People on the bandaids and soup end of preparedness, consider a power plant failure to be an example of, "when the sh*t hits the fan". The Armageddon types are looking out more towards, the end of civilization as we now know it. They seek to equip themselves for surviving as completely independent of modern conveniences, depending on levels of interdependent manufacturing and shipping, as possible.

Most of the people in the world are not preppers or survivalists. It is most common for people to avoid thinking of unpleasant things. Disasters are definitely unpleasant to think about. 

I think it is much less pleasant to die after a disaster because you didn't want to think about unpleasant things, than it is to be prepared for a disaster. It seems unlikely that many would disagree.

If you are having a difficult time thinking of unpleasant things, you can sneak up on preparedness by thinking of easier things first. Most of us are able to think a little bit about what might happen if we got sick for a few days and could not do our job. You could think about what would happen if you were sick and could not work for three days. 

Prepare as if you want to be ready to live  for three days and you don't get your paycheck or go to the store for those three days. Gradually increase the time you prepare for. 

You will have to decide at some point, how long you want to prepare for. You can prepare as if you are planning to be sick and unable to work or go to the store for that period of time you are willing and able to prepare for. Once you feel prepared for being sick and unable to work or go to the store for your  desired time goal, you can begin to let yourself think about other kinds of disasters besides being too sick to work or go shopping.

I wish to post more about how to talk yourself into getting prepared for disasters.

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