Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is Nuclear War Preparedness Necessary?

My research on claims by various countries on the North Pole area turned up repeated references that mentioned the likelihood of war. It is known that the North Pole has oil and other valuable minerals and suspected that it is full of other valuable minerals that are not even known yet.

Many Americans have mentioned to me that they do not believe nuclear war is likely to happen. This is so far off from what the American government has said about nuclear war, that it is scary. Uninformed citizens are allowing their government to do as it wishes.

During the Bush administration, he announced worldwide that he was going to disregard the nuclear disarmament treaty that the USA had signed with Russia. He expressed the intention to not only stop dismantling nuclear weapons, but to return to making more of them. 

Later on, Bush announced that, "first strike was back on the table". This was in reference to nuclear weapons. First strike means to launch nuclear weapons before anyone else does. In other words he was saying he was willing to start a nuclear war.

President Obama has not taken a first strike off the table. This means he is willing to start a nuclear war.

It is highly unlikely that nobody will shoot back if the USA starts launching nuclear weapons. If any readers missed watching USA missiles being launched to shoot down incoming enemy missiles, they don't work that well. It is not a healthy choice to depend on no missiles landing in the USA.

Part of my childhood was spent on Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. This is one of the two top  missile bases in the USA. The other is Cape Canaveral/Kennedy. 

Many nights' sleep were interrupted by the bass rumble and shaking of missile launches. For quite a while after they began, everyone ran outside to watch. The sky was lit up with an eerie glow as the missile left the launching pad and you could see the arc of the exhaust as it soared into the air.

I believe I was 9 years old when this started. Even then, I wondered how much different it would look if the missile was coming toward us. I knew about Hiroshima and Nagasaki and wondered about what the people there saw.

My school had frequent nuclear drills since we were acknowledged to be a prime enemy target. When sirens went off every one was supposed to dive under their desk, crouch down, and put their hands over the backs of their necks. 

I had already read that Vandenberg was ground zero for enemy missiles. That included the whole base area. That included my school.

I had also read that within a certain radius of ground zero there were 100% fatalities. We were close enough to be vaporized by a nuclear strike. I refused to get under my desk. 

My teacher made the mistake of asking me in front of the class why I did not want to get under my desk. I answered what I had read. Something I had read said that the correct position to assume during a nuclear attack if you were at ground zero was to "bend over and kiss your *ss goodbye". My classmates thought my answer was hilarious because it had the *ss word in it. Most of them did not immediately understand what it meant to their safety.

I am not sure grown up Americans are much more informed on these matters. If we, as a group, do not become better informed, we can kiss our *sses goodbye. Our government is not looking out for our safety.

That means you will have to take care of yourself. I intend to post more about this and how you can take care of yourself. 

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