Monday, April 23, 2012

How Are You Going To Deal With Other People In A Disaster?

One of the least pleasant aspects of disaster preparedness, for me, is about how to deal with other people during a disaster. The first thing you notice when you begin thinking about this subject is food and water. 

Most of your relatives, friends, and neighbors will not be prepared for a disaster. When a disaster hits your area the people who are not prepared will soon be thirsty and hungry. 

Did you tell them, or let them find out that you were preparing for a disaster? If they know you were prepared and have food and water ready to use, they will probably ask you for some of it. 

How much food and water did you prepare? Is there going to be enough to share with everyone who wants what you have? If you share, will you be hungry and thirsty too?

What happens if you decide not to share with others? What if you say, "No," and they don't want to accept that answer. What if they decide to take what you have anyway? 

What are you prepared to do to keep what you have prepared? Is your door strong enough to keep someone out if they decide they want to break it down to get food and water?

What happens if someone wants to break your windows to get in and take your food and water? Will you be willing to fight to keep your food and water? Are you a better fighter than the people who want to take your food and water? 

What happens if you are away from home and someone decides to take your food and water from your family? Will your family be able to fight them off?

Are you willing to use weapons and let your family use weapons to keep your food and water? If you are willing to use weapons, what kind of weapons would they be? Can you afford those weapons and do you already know how to use them? Do you need to take lessons or practice so that you can use the weapons effectively? Does your family need to take lessons on the weapons?

Everyone has to make their own choices on these matters. It is something you will have to think about and decide for yourself. 

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