Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Do You Think You Would Do?

My post two days ago, about dealing with people in a disaster is the least pleasant part of preparedness for me. I particularly hate writing about it. 

It is not possible to prepare enough for everyone around you who does not choose to prepare for disasters. Most people will not prepare themselves for a disaster. That means when you are in a disaster, you will be surrounded with other people who are not prepared for it. If they know that you are prepared, they will want you to give them the stuff that you have prepared, or they will want to take it from you.

I dislike conflict more than a lot of people. Disasters are distressing for anyone to deal with. Dealing with the distress of conflict over resources due to having preparedness supplies versus people who are not prepared is even more distressing.

People in the world on the whole, are not dealing with even more important issues than disaster preparedness. There are limited resources in the world and more people want these resources than can get them. For this reason, people sometimes fight, and countries do the same and have wars.

Wars were bad in the past, but since humans invented nuclear weapons, the consequences of war are much worse. 

I recently did a series of posts about preparedness for surviving a nuclear war. 

I would like to present a hypothetical situation to my readers:

Suppose you could probably remove all, or most, easily fissionable materials, from the planet. This would make a nuclear war very difficult to do. It would also make other things, that are more helpful, very difficult to do. Examples of this are nuclear power plants and medical therapy for cancer treatment.

What do you think you would do?

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