Saturday, April 21, 2012

How To Talk Yourself Into Getting Prepared For Disasters.

How to talk yourself into getting prepared for disasters, is my subject for today's post. Most people are not at all prepared for disasters. 

When you are in a disaster is not a good time to prepare for it. If you are in a disaster and you are not prepared for it, you are much more likely to die than someone who is prepared. More people die after a disaster than during a disaster. 

Some of the things that kill people who have been in a disaster and are still alive, are not having enough, or any food to eat, or not having any water or any clean water to drink. 

Most disasters mean that you can not simply go to the corner grocery to get food, because the corner grocery will be destroyed or empty. Very often every grocery store in town will be destroyed or empty. If you do not have food ready at home, you will not be able to get food.

Many disasters mean that no water will come out of the tap when you turn it on. The local water plant may not be working, or it may be destroyed. The pipes that usually bring the water to your home may be broken. 

These things are not easy to think about, but thinking about only a small bit of unpleasantness is easier to take than a lot of it. 

Once you are prepared to have water for three days, you will feel less helpless and more confident. Enjoy that, and let those good feelings give you the strength to get water for a week. Let those good feelings from that preparedness, help you to get food for three days and then a week.

Use that level of preparedness and good feelings about it take you on to consider other disaster supplies and perhaps begin making a list of things to gradually save up for and purchase. 

Some disaster supplies do not take very much money. Examples of these are plastic jugs that you wash out and fill with clean water and a drop of bleach to keep it clean and free of bacteria for a while. Another is copies of important papers that you can take with you if you need to evacuate in a disaster.

Once you begin to think about what you will need if you have to leave home because of a disaster, you are preparing a "go bag", or "bug out bag". 

If you are ready to face getting a go bag ready you will need a list of what to put in it and what kind of bag you want to carry it in. You can look at the list to the right of this post and find my previous posts about go bags or bug out bags. I have also mentioned these things under headings that contain the word evacuate.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed with thinking about disasters or all the things you must do to become prepared, take a break and be nice to yourself. Do something that makes you feel good. Enjoy it, and then go back to getting prepared.

There is nothing wrong with having to take a break when you feel upset, or overwhelmed by thinking about disasters, or getting prepared. I have to do this myself at times. Just don't let it stop you.

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