Friday, April 6, 2012

Humans Fouling Our Nest With Climate Change

It is possible to use the strong instinctive desire of a dog to avoid pooping in its own bed to toilet train the dog. You use the dog's crate as a bed for the dog and shut the dog into the crate when you want the dog to not poop. You let the dog out to it's toilet area when you do want the dog to poop. The dog will hold it until it is allowed out of it's bed/crate.

It is too bad humans can not be trained by the same methods. Maybe it is because we think our bed is too big. We think we own the whole planet so we poop all over it. This is both a literal and a metaphorical truth. 

In the literal version, we have laws in many places restricting where one may dispose of human wastes in relation to their location near drinking water. Since human E Coli is found in drinking water in supposedly pristine wilderness areas, humans are ignoring these laws. The laws would not be necessary if we had and used instincts, like those that make crate toilet training helpful for dogs.

The metaphorical version of humans pooping all over the planet is the damage that humans as a group, have done to the earth. 

Let us count the ways we have done this.

We have changed the climate system of an entire planet that we need to live on. If you want to argue about this, ask most scientists on the planet. Only a few who have either been bribed or are expecting their investments in climate damaging technologies to pay them disagree with this. 

Another thing you can do if you still have any questions about human involvement in climate change is come to visit Alaska. We have the most rapid rate of climate change on earth. We have over 180 villages that will be drowned by rising ocean waters. Two of these villages were supposed to have already been evacuated. The names of these villages are Shishmaref and Kivalina. They have sites on the internet to raise money to try to save their villages. 

If you want to vicariously enjoy watching disasters,  the two aformentioned Alaskan villages have videos of their buildings falling into the ocean. The villagers in these two villages do not want to leave and are still trying to find ways to stay. 

Protective breakwaters are one way the villagers are trying to save their villages. In Kivalina this is not working, because they do not have a good place to put a breakwater and the one they tried to make fell apart right away. In Shishmaref they did better with their breakwater. It stayed up so far, and is protecting their village for a while longer. Their entire island is very low, so even the breakwater will not work for long.

There are a lot more climate changes in Alaska and I believe I will post about some of them. I think it is a good idea to make up somewhat for ex-governors of Alaska who claim that climate change does not exist.

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