Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Plan To Survive A Nuclear Disaster

There were movies and teachers telling us what to do to be safe from a nuclear bomb when I lived on Vandenberg Air Force Base. I found one of the movies they showed us. It is here at this link:

We used to have Civil Defense Wardens in every neighborhood. They were in charge of nuclear fallout shelters and were supposed to help people in their area get into the shelters in an orderly manner so that they would be safe.

One of my neighbors was a Civil Defense Warden. He had a special helmet, armband, and jacket as a sign of his office. He took his job very seriously and checked the stocks of supplies in his shelter regularly and made sure they were locked up safely for many years. He kept doing this for many years after the government had forgotten all about him, the shelter, and probably the whole program.

The government of the USA no longer does much about protecting citizens from nuclear fallout hazards. I gather the supplies in the old shelters were left to spoil or be stolen or vandalized. Even shelters are no longer maintained or built. They used to be clearly labelled. This is not done now.

The US government still makes nuclear shelters now, but they are not for everyone. They are only for "important" people. If you do not already know where one of these shelters is and have a place in it, then you are on your own to take care of yourself.

Some people do not want to prepare for nuclear attack because they do not consider it to be survivable. If that was the case, there would not be shelters for "important" people. 

I believe that everyone is important and deserves to survive a nuclear attack, or accident. I also believe it is possible for ordinary people to find ways to protect themselves from the effects of a nuclear attack. 

If you are feeling unsure about whether you should bother to work on being prepared for a nuclear disaster, I wish to help you to decide to bother.

If you prepare yourself for a nuclear disaster and you are vaporized and never get to use your preparations, you will have nothing on earth to worry about. Your preparations will not be helpful to you any more. They will not hurt you either.

If you do not prepare for a nuclear disaster and survive anyway, you are going to be in trouble and have an uncomfortable time trying to stay alive. 

I believe it is better to be prepared and not need it, because you are dead, than it is to not prepare and wish you had. I think that you have a choice to prepare for a nuclear disaster and be able to survive it. I hope that you will resolve to take this chance.
I intend to do more posts to give you ideas on what preparations that you can make to survive a nuclear disaster.

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