Saturday, March 24, 2012

Worried About Earthquakes Lately? Quake Notification

I went to an earthquake seminar today. We have had a major quake in 4 out of 4 of the last 4 days. 

Relatives of mine come unglued on the subject of earthquakes because of being in big ones. Those would be the Whittier and San Francisco ones. I have friends here in Alaska who lived through them here as well.

I have not experienced any damage during an earthquake, although the magnitude was impressive. The closest for me was one in New Zealand that went right by me. It sounded like a truck releasing air brakes. I wondered how a diesel truck could get through the trees, until I realized what the sound was.

I wish to offer some small comfort to those experiencing anxiety due to the recent increase in major earthquake activity. I found the USGS earthquake site they offer a reassuring service that I thought readers might like. It is a twitter feed to notify you of earthquakes. Here you go:

USGS Twitter Earthquake Alerts

Before you randomly empty local grocery store shelves in a state of panic, please take a look at some lists of suggested emergency supplies for disaster preparedness. I even have some among my blog posts.

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