Monday, March 12, 2012

Free Emergency Preparedness Safety Maps

I would like to share a great emergency preparedness tool with my readers. It is a site called Safety Maps. It makes it easy for you to make and print out maps for yourself and your family members. You can print out different sizes, including wallet and refrigerator size.

Pick out a safe place for your family to meet after a disaster. 

Make maps of the meeting place. Mark your safe meeting place for your family. This is a Safety Map.

Print out the sizes you need for each family member. Wallet size is very portable for each family member to keep with them at all times.

Give one to each family member and post a larger one so everyone can see it.

Explain what the safety map is to all family members. 

Make sure they put them in a safe place so the map will be with them all the time.

You may like to walk with all family members as a group to the safe meeting place so they know how to find it on the map.

If you have an individual family member who needs more personal attention for using the safety map, you can take a special trip with them.

Now your family is a little better prepared for an emergency.

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