Friday, March 16, 2012

Save Yourself With Long Term Disaster Planning

You and your loved ones have a very good chance to deal with a disaster soon. That disaster that you face is likely to be a long term one. That means you will have changes so that your life will not go back to normal soon.

I won't feel right unless I try to help you and your loved ones deal with  the kind of disasters you are likely to face. I believe that the whole world will have more disasters in more places and there will be bigger disasters too.

I already explained this in earlier posts, but I am going to do it again and try to explain it in an easier to understand way this time.

Weather records are being broken all over the world. People are facing record heat, and record cold. They are getting new records for the most rain ever in their area, and the least rain in their area. We just got the most snow where I live and it topped previous most snow records by a lot.

This is not a coincidence. It is because humans have done things that have disturbed the balance of Nature in the whole world. We can not depend on what kind of weather we will get in our part of the world any more. We can not depend on what kind of weather we will get in other parts of the world any more either. 

There are people who seem to know a lot saying that there is no climate change. They bring out a lot of statistics to back them up. Those people are very loud and get on the news a lot. That does not make them right about what they say.

All but a very few scientists agree that we have a change in climate that has never happened in recorded history. They agree that this is a problem for humans. Here are some links about scientists who say we need to deal with climate change to protect ourselves:

Those links are up so that people who want to see for themselves can do so. I am going to tell people who do not want to do that, about what they would find on those links.

I am telling you about this because this information needs to be taken into account in your preparedness. Agencies and NGOs (Non Government Organizations will be increasingly over whelmed with the number and size of disasters they deal with. They will take longer and longer to bring you help when you have a disaster. There will not be as much help to go around. You will be more on your own to help yourself during a disaster. 

This means you need to be prepared for a longer time than you used to need to be prepared for. Sometimes after a disaster, things never are the way they used to be. You will have to be more self sufficient and grow and make more of your own needs than you did before the disaster. 

I think local economies will become vastly more important than they used to be. In other words you better figure out how you are going to get food from closer to home. 

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