Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flesh Eating Bacteria On Buses And Trains MRSA

My readers get even with me for posting about epidemics by not reading my blog. That can make it hard to keep on. I am going to anyway so you have a chance to live. This is about MRSA or Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. The popular name for it is "Flesh Eating Bacteria."

I have personally known five different people who have had this disease now. I have been doing research to help out someone I know who is dealing with this right now. 

One of the things that I just learned is that you can get this in public places like trains and buses now, not just hospitals. I recently posted about how some disease organisms have become able to live through alcohol-based hand sanitizers now. Fortunately, soap and water still works. That means we have something to use to fight against getting MRSA.

I used to carry a small hotel size bar of soap around with me so I could wash my hand when public restrooms were out of soap. I stopped that when hand sanitizer became available. Back to the tiny bar of soap. You might like to do the same.

There are hand wipes that contain something that will kill MRSA. I am not sure I want to use them, because if people use them irresponsibly, that stuff will probably quit working as bacteria and viruses become resistant to that as well. It will probably stop working even if people used them responsibly (very unlikely) in the long run.

The Center for Disease Control even says that we need to get used to a world without antibiotics. That is a huge change. Safe surgery, for example, could be a casualty of this change. That could change childbirth again. We have a big adjustment coming.

Anyway. I found you some stuff about it so you can go out on the internet and find out more about all of this if you want to. Here is some of it below:

The highly infectious strain, MRSA USA300 , is resistant to many front-line antibiotics and has now been discovered in public places, such as buses and trains. Though people can avoid direct contact with a sneeze or cough, Professor Thomas from the University of Birmingham highlights the possibility of becoming infected from touching surfaces.  In this way, every day settings and public surfaces act as viable means to contract an infection.  According to the Daily Mail, MRSA USA300 has been called “flesh-eating” due to its ability to lead to large skin boils, abscesses, blood poisoning and even fatal forms of pneumonia that destroy lung tissue.

Me again. One of the things we can do to protect ourselves from this is to learn the actions that will protect us from any other epidemic. An example of this is to train yourself not to touch your face any more, especially your eyes, nose and mouth. Those areas are more vulnerable to hostile disease organisms like MRSA. Learn to wash your hands more frequently and wash them immediately when you get home.

I believe a regime of cleaning on a daily basis is a good preventive for MRSA and other diseases for you and your family. I think a steamer is good for this, as it does not require a lot of dangerous and expensive chemicals and is very versatile and easy to use. I am not going to recommend a particular type, but will give you my knowledge of the ones I have experience with.

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