Sunday, March 25, 2012

Free Medicine For Emergencies

I believe that eventually for at least a while, medical care in the USA will be affordable only for the very rich. A lot of people are effectively experiencing this situation right now.

This bothers me a lot. The hippocratic oath is largely hippocritic at this point. It wouldn't be so bad if allopathic medical people were not so industrious in attempts to wipe out alternative medical practitioners. This is pretty merciless, leaving the poor without a shred of comfort.

Before allopathic medicine existed there were natural medical treatments available. They are still out there for those who have not given up hope. Herbs that are used for food and those known as weeds are available to people who want them enough.

I have been looking up stuff about herbs. One of my favorites is dandelions. People are always trying to get rid of them because they regard them as eyesores messing up pristine green lawns.

Dandelions are quite pretty if you care to really look at them. They are beautiful if you examine the traditional uses, because they are small medicine cabinets for free. Every part of dandelions from the flowers to the roots has uses.

A liquid made from the roots of dandelions is supposed to be such an effective antibiotic that it will still kill MRSA.

People have made dandelion wine for ages. That is made from the flowers. Dandelion wine is supposed to be very good for you. The leaves are said to be good in salads when they are very small. They get a little bitter when they are too big.

I have read that most herbal practitioners pick out about ten different plants that each have many uses and do most of their treatments from those then plants. The prospect of learning enough about the uses of herbs was very daunting to me before I read that I can pick out my favorite ten and concentrate on those. Ten of them is doable. Maybe this news will encourage you as well.

Blackberries are another favorite of mine. They grow almost anywhere. They like lots of water and can often be found near streams and other waterways. I picked blackberries because they are easy to grow and are another pharmacy in a plant. 

All parts of blackberries are also useful for different problems. If you have sores in your mouth or tooth problems, chewing blackberry leaves is said to be very effective when you chew a (clean) leaf and swish it around in your mouth and leave the pulp near the sore spot for a few minutes. I believe this works from personal experience.

Tea made from blackberry leaves and fruit is delicious and good for your health as well. 

If you plan to use herbal medicine you need to learn about infusions, poultices essential oils, etc. Just take it a little at a time and try it out carefully so that you understand it. Read all of the cautions and learn them. Herbal medicine is gentler and slower than allopathic pharmaceuticals, but that does not mean it can not be strong stuff. Caution is always good.

I do not intend to instruct anyone about herbal medicine, but if you are desperate I would like for you to take heart and know that some comfort is available in nature. 

There are many excellent sites available about herbal uses for health. Start reading and pick your ten favorites. Don't be discouraged.

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