Monday, March 5, 2012

Taking Care Of Your Health Now Is Emergency Preparedness

Watching out for your health now could save your life in a disaster. Suppose you knew a tsunami was coming and you had to evacuate on foot. If you had severe emphysema it would be a lot harder to out race the tsunami. 

Stop smoking now so you don't get severe emphysema and that will greatly improve your chances of survival in a disaster. For a smoker, stopping your nicotine habit could save your life in a disaster in addition to the other benefits. The same applies if you are one of the many people in the world who are overweight or even obese. 

I am going to talk about bad things that can happen to your loved ones in a disaster if you are not healthy. I hope you won't dwell on the guilt aspects of what I am about to say. I hope you will think about love. Love your beloved ones by loving yourself first. 

If you need to evacuate because of an emergency some day and you do not take care of yourself to prevent or alleviate health problems you not only endanger yourself, but your loved ones as well. Do you think they will want to leave you behind?

Here is another reason to take care of your health. How would you like it if your loved ones got to see you die because your health problems gave you a handicap in a disaster? If you have children don't you think they might be traumatized? This is because you have a relationship of love between you. You love them.  They love you. 

Love yourself and your loved ones. Go for a walk, and change your diet to more healthy food. You know what you need to do. 

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