Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hazards To Your Health From Politicians Preparedness

The things that politicians all seem to do can be hazardous to your health. They can even kill us. I am not even talking about the obvious stuff that we mostly ignore like nuclear weapons and biowarfare and chemical weapons. This is about the more subtle stuff that gets in under your radar. 

I first noticed it when I lived in a large city in California. Why does this apply to you? It is because the politicians there did not and do not act much differently than the ones where you live. You need to know this so you can keep an eye on those fatherless offspring. They can't get away with this stuff when people are paying attention. It is not an accident that listening to politicians is boring. It makes you stop paying attention.

Ok. Back to my story about the politicians in California who are clones of yours.

This large city in California has a population within its city limits that is larger than the entire population of Alaska. It has only two main road leading out of it. I has a lot of hills around it.

The hills around that city of fatherless offspring politicians (FOPs for short), are full of old dams. The dams are approaching 100 years old and they are earthen dams. In order for earthen dams to keep holding water, they must have some maintenance. The maintenance is not complex. You just don't let a lot of plants grow all over them and crack them.

The FOPs decided to save money by taking it away from paying people to take care of the earthen dams. Plants started growing on the earthen dams. They are very good earthen dams, so they have not failed yet. They will.

The city of the FOPs is located on an old flood plain. It is mostly dried up now because there has been so much agriculture around there that it made the river mostly disappear. The countless blue swimming pools in and around the city have made a good contribution to the dry river too.

A lot of government programs pay the agriculture people who sucked up the river, to not grow some of the crops they used the river water on. Some of them make more money not growing crops than they did growing them. They like that, so they keep not growing those crops.

Other things like increasing problems with alkali soil and other nasty things have made more agriculture people stop growing things with the river water, too.

Climate change has caused more extreme weather in this area of the FOPs, including bigger droughts and storms. some of the bigger storms produce record of amounts of water. Than gives the old earthen dams more of a work out than they were designed for.

The regular insurance companies will not cover any flood insurance in the flood plain areas of the FOPs. The only way you can get any flood insurance at all is to buy it from a special department of the US Government. Even that department will not insure some areas of the flood plains, so the people on them are not insured. 

Not being able to insure your property can present problems when you want to sell it. One popular way around this difficulty is going into politics and passing laws that help out.

The politicians get elected; serve long enough to sell (unload), their property on the next batch of FOPs and retire to Florida or Mexico.

None of the local FOPs volunteered this information to me when I lived in their fair city. I found it out myself. It happened gradually after I noticed there was a problem when I innocently asked my insurance company for flood insurance.

I got kind of excited at the thought of over a million people drowning and not being able to get out on the two roads out of there. I was so naive that I went right to the mayor. Naturally I was surprised to learn that the mayor had done nothing about this and there was no disaster plan for the situation.

That mayor adroitly evaded me the rest of his term. I tried the next mayor. She said she would get right on that, every time I talked to her. When she got to the lame duck stage of her term as mayor she got more frank with me. She told me it was not possible to evacuate that many people in time for a flood with only two roads out. 

She said that people would needlessly panic if they were made aware of the situation. She retired somewhere else, after selling her property, and it was on to the next two mayors. 

Eventually I found out that each succeeding group of FOPs got a steal of a deal on property before they were inspired to go into politics and left shortly after they unloaded it. Each group of FOPs managed to keep people from finding out about the property/flood plains/old dams/insurance situation before they passed it on.

If you look around a little, you too can see what the FOPs in your area are doing to you and your fellow citizens, while they get ready to head to Mexico.

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