Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thank You To My Readers

It really bothers me to think of people dying simply because they lack a little information. That is a big reason I am writing these blog posts. 

I do not have that many readers yet, although they are increasing by quite a bit. It helps me to keep going when I see the statistics on how many of you keep looking. Thank you.

It is a little like a sheep that got in my family's alfalfa field once. The sheep ate a lot of green alfalfa which can give them such bad gas it can kill them. 

It was one of our neighbor's sheep. They kind of liked having bad fences that let their sheep get into our pasture. They got free feed that way. They didn't care about those that died. I guess they figured they came out ahead anyway.

The sheep got down into the creek. The creek had worn a ravine through the field that got much steeper on one end. I tried to make the sheep go down toward the shallow end where it could climb out more easily. It had its wool all soaked and it was very heavy and the water was cold.

Nothing I could do would make that sheep go down toward the shallow end and climb out. It was determined to go further up where the ravine was steeper, and the water was deeper.

I got my brothers to help me. That was no more use than what I had done by myself. The sheep was in water almost up to its nostrils and shivering violently. We didn't think it would do any good to call the neighbors. They didn't seem to value the lives of their sheep. 

We called the neighbors anyway. No good. They just laughed at us for calling them and caring about a sheep.

The next day the sheep was dead in the creek.

People remind me of that sheep sometimes. Sometimes people are determined to go to the steeper end of the ravine and die. 

If you know other people who are not sheep, maybe you can tell them to take care of themselves and learn how to take care of themselves in disasters. My blog is not the only way to learn this. It is one way and probably easier than some others.

The world is different now. We are going to have more and more disasters for the rest of our lives. It is increasingly unlikely that anyone can go through their life without experiencing a disaster. If we are to live through disasters, ignorance is not possible.  We must choose knowledge or death.

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