Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cheap Stoves For Emergencies

It is possible to make rocket stoves for no money at all. A person who is not an expert can make their own rocket stove. Rocket stoves use very little fuel compared to most stoves. Rocket stoves burn so cleanly that they produce very little smoke. The last one means they are healthier to be around than many other stoves and are better for the environment. These are some of my reasons for liking rocket stoves. 

Rocket stoves come from the Aprovecho Research Center. Here is how they describe themselves:

What is Aprovecho Research Center?

"For 29 years, Aprovecho Research Center (ARC) consultants have been designing and implementing improved biomass cooking and heating technologies in more than 60 countries worldwide. The Center was formally established in 1976, and is dedicated to researching, developing and disseminating clean cookstove technologies for meeting the basic needs of refugees, impoverished people, and communities in the developing world. For decades, ARC has been the world's leader in open source development of all aspects of improved cooking stoves."

almost free self feeding rocket stove

Rocket stove design guide in PDF.

Rocket stoves are not the only kind of stove to use for emergency preparedness nor even the best for every family or circumstance. They are inexpensive. It is hard to beat free. They are fuel efficient, so allow emergency preparedness without a lot of expensive fuel in storage. Some fuels take up a lot of room or are dangerous to have around in quantity. Rocket stoves help with those problems as well. They are definitely worth consideration for your emergency preparedness plans.

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