Thursday, January 26, 2012

Preparedness For Homesteads And Remote Cabins

 Why be prepared for a disaster in your homestead or remote cabin? I live in Alaska and am working on a remote homestead here. You might think that is about as prepared for disaster as one could get. Nope. I am keeping a go bag there too. 

Alaska is pretty remote and might be thought to be safe from disasters. Nope. The United States government has this delightful plan to save the country from enemy nuclear attacks. This consists of shooting down incoming missles over Alaska and Canada to save the lower 48 states. We can get a radiation disaster anywhere in the state. I believe it would be a better plan to shoot the incoming missles down over Washington DC to avoid damage to the important parts of the country. They did not pay a lot of attention to my input on the matter however.

I just mentioned that to illustrate that remoteness is not a guarantee that some kind of disaster may occur. Never mind that your homestead or cabin is your disaster plan. You still need to have a go bag for your homestead or cabin. You might have to evacuate from there in some kinds of disasters. You are more likely to need to have survival items in your go bag than an urbanite will.

There are all kinds of ready made cute little survival kits on the market. Some of them are not too expensive. You can read reviews of them before you buy one, or you can make your own. It doesn't matter how you do it, just do it. Get the go bag for your homestead or cabin and put it where you can easily find it and grab it on the way out the door.

You exercised enough forethought to have your homestead or cabin in the first place. Please exercise a little more and add a go bag to your homestead or cabin. It would not be a good irony to die in your safe place because you stopped short in your preparedness.

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