Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Preparedness Elephant In The Living Room

I have not talked about something important about disaster preparedness yet. It is hard to talk about and I expect I will offend readers and some will probably quit reading because of it. I am going to post it anyway because it is very very important.

You may have been reading my posts about the disasters we are getting that are worse than humans have ever known. There are also more of these bad disasters. I have not really covered them at all completely. It is waaaay worse than you know yet. 

It is going to be so bad that it will probably be difficult to hold on to enough human science and other knowledge to maintain civilization. It is likely to be bad enough to make it difficult for the human race to survive on the earth. 

One reason why I am writing this blog is to help people learn what they need to know to survive. I do not want the human race to be wiped out. I want to help you and your loved ones to make the best go bags possible and learn to use them so you will have a much better chance to get through disasters alive and healthy.

There are going to be so many very bad disasters that people will try to get away from one disaster and run into another. I would like for you to be so well prepared for disasters that you can deal with whatever comes your way. I am working on becoming that well prepared myself and I wish to share this with anyone else who is willing to do the same. 

Most people do not have the internet research skills that I do. It took me a while to understand this because it is something that I am naturally good at. This makes it seem obvious and easy to me. Since I have this gift coupled with an ability to write fairly well and I wish to share survival/disaster preparedness skills, the idea for this blog gradually dawned on me. I don't know that I will keep doing it indefinitely, but for now it seems like a good idea. I hope you will learn this as fast and well as you can.

It might be a good idea to study my past posts a little extra to help you learn whatever else you need to know to be prepared for disasters. The short version of what I am saying now is, I will probably only keep this up for a few more months. After that, I may not be able to get to the internet to keep doing it.

Part of my personal preparedness journey includes getting off the electrical grid out in the wilderness. I plan to eventually have enough electrical power to run a computer, but it might take a while. I do not have a lot of money so may have to gradually add amenities like electricity as I get the money for them.

I believe that being out in the wilderness is safer for dealing successfully with the disasters that are coming. A lot of people think we are going to have a polar shift next December 21. I do not know whether they are right about the date. I came to the conclusion independently that we will soon experience a polar shift, but not exactly when. I think it will be soon, and don't feel certain that the proponents of the Dec. 21 date for it are wrong.

It seems better to be safe than sorry in regard to next December 21. I want to have a snug little cabin out in the wilderness before then. I would rather be ready and not need to be, than to not be ready and need to be.

You can take a look at some of the links in my earlier posts and see what you think about next December 21. If you reach the same conclusions that I did, you might want to find a way to move out to the wilderness and make a safe place to weather the storm. 

If it is any help to you to learn what you need to know for preparedness, I plan to write a book soon. Most of it will be covered in my blog posts, so if you can't afford the book, you can still learn enough from my blog.

The book will be more organized and easier to find stuff in, however, and you could put it in your go bag. I plan to do this soon. 

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