Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hurricanes Cost You No Matter Where You Live

If you never get hurricanes where you live how do they affect you? I will explain some of it in this blog post. Hurricanes affect just about everyone, no matter where you live.

I have been studying natural disasters for over twenty years. The first ones that I really paid attention to were hurricanes. I found a nice site on the internet that had statistics for all recorded hurricanes. 

I did not like the look of what I saw on that site about hurricanes, so I graphed them. My graph showed me that hurricanes will eventually increase in wind speed to 650 miles per hour. 

At the time that I graphed the hurricanes, there had never been a hurricane that got winds up to 200 miles per hour. Shortly after I did the graph, we got our first hurricane of 200 miles per hour. They have been increasing since then. In less than 20 years,  hurricanes have reached speeds over 300 miles per hour from below 200 miles per hour. 

My graph showed that we will get hurricanes that are over 400 miles per hour, much faster than we went from below 200 miles per hour to 300 miles per hour and above.

Most of the world's population lives close to an ocean. Faster hurricanes mean they do more damage and can go further inland than slower ones. That means more people will be affected by hurricanes than in the past or in the present. More people will die from hurricanes. More people will have their homes, businesses and towns and cities destroyed or damaged by hurricanes than have happened before.

Even if you live far, far inland away from any large bodies of water, you will still be affected by hurricanes. That is because most of the world will have to deal with hurricanes and more of the people in the world will have to deal with their devastation. That will cost you, inland though you be.

When all of those people living in hurricane territory have to rebuild their homes, businesses, towns and cities, they must pay for it. Many of them have something to do with shipping. Much of our cheaper shipping is done on the oceans of the world. Shipping costs will have to go up to pay for all the hurricane damage. "No man is an island," is more true in our modern world than it was in the past. 

We are all diminished by others losses. Sometimes this shows up in money.

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