Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Philosophy Of Go Bags Contents For Emergency Preparedness

You can make your own emergency preparedness kit that is small enough to fit in a pocket. You could use something like that for your go bag, if you know how to use it. If you are less experienced and adept with survival matters, you can use the tiny survival kit to help form the nucleus of your go bag.

Good thoughtful article on making your own mini survival kit.
Ingenious article for Survivalist pros pocket survival kit
Interesting article about pocket survival kits with changes according to climate

There are many more articles like these on the internet. It is a good idea to read a lot of them before you decide what you need and prefer.

Variety of hole in the ground rocket stove invented by American Aboriginal People 

I wish everyone would learn how to make the hole in the ground rocket stove. If you know this, and how to start a fire, you will always be able to keep warm, boil water to drink, and cook. This takes care of most of your immediate survival needs. This is something that must be practiced, however. A skill this valuable is well worth your time.

The more you have in your head about being prepared, the less you need to carry to be prepared.
An example of this is making fires for cooking, heat and water purification. If you know a lot about making fires, you can have a fire any time. Some people take courses on this and other aspects of survival. Their final exam is being dumped out in the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on their back.

These courses are generally expensive and may take a while to learn. They may not have any classes near you or you may not be able to get to where they have them.

If you don't know much about making fires, etc. you may have to carry a lot of equipment to make a fire to stay alive. An example if this is, do you know how to make a fire in the pouring rain with one match or no match? If you do not, you need to take stuff to make a spark to start a fire, something to get the spark going into a good flame, something else to get the flame a little larger so it won't go out, and maybe something else to get wet wood burning. You might need tools to cut the wood.

If you don't want to study making fires and practice it, you need more in your go bag to help you build a fire for emergencies.

You will also have to decide how much time and effort you are willing and able to put into what goes into your head. How much are you willing to learn and practice? What about family members? Will they learn enough to take care of themselves if something happens to you or you are not there during a disaster?

Just having helpful items in your go bag is useless if you and your family members can not use them. You need knowledge and skills. That comes best with practice. You and your family need to actually practice building fires in different conditions. 

You also need to know how to cook the food you have on a fire that you build. Cooking on a stove or in a microwave is an entirely different matter than managing to make the same meal over a campfire.

A little planning and practice will go a long way to make you and your family safe during a disaster and after a disaster.

I am sorry for skipping around so badly in my posts. I have friends and relatives asking me for posts on various subjects. I am also concerned about people who are in imminent danger of disasters and who need go bags immediately. I will continue after I cover go bags a little more.

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