Friday, January 13, 2012

Forest Fires Are Getting Worse Worldwide, Cheap Disaster Preparedness

Many parts of the world are setting weather records for heat and dryness. When these kinds of records are set, record fires are not usually far behind.

The worst part of all this is that it will not go away. It will not get better in our lifetimes or the lifetimes of anyone alive. It will get worse. This is climate change and we are now stuck with it. Complaining will not help. It will help to prepare to deal with more and bigger fires all over the world. This will probably affect your part of the world too. Even areas that are normally very wet are getting dry enough to have wildfires.

You can do two things to make these horrible fire facts better for you. One is to do what you can, to avoid making climate change worse. The other is to prepare yourself and your loved ones to deal with them and survive them.

Make go bags for yourself and your loved ones.  Always keep them ready and handy to grab at a moments notice. If you learn that you must evacuate, grab your go bags and your old people, babies, and pets and leave as fast as you can. That is how you can survive a fire disaster. 

Fires are more of a problem worldwide than they used to be. Wildfires are a name commonly given to fires that start in non residential areas. There are many other names for them, however. They often cause great damage to dwellings no matter where they start. Many people live outside heavily populated areas and wildfires can spread to towns and cities.

I am giving you links to information about wildfires in different areas of the world. There is a particularly interesting satellite photo that shows fires burning in West Africa. You can actually see the fires. 

Story about Russian forest fire disasters.
Chile Forest fires
Canadian forest fires
Story about fires worldwide with live satellite pic of West African fires burning.
BBC article about record forest fires worldwide

There are many areas of the world that are experiencing record fire problems besides the ones in these links. You can learn more about dealing with the aftermath of a disaster and what to do if you do not have to evacuate. 

I will keep writing more about these and other disaster preparedness on this blog. You can learn it here if you want. I put lots of links on this blog so that you can read ahead and learn more or learn more about the particular disasters that affect your area.

I have already posted about ways to make your own disaster preparedness supplies to help your budget if it is small. One of these is a rocket stove. It is possible to make one of these for free. If you understand rocket stoves, you will always be able to keep warm, boil water to make it safe to drink, and cook.

I will post other ways to save on disaster preparedness. I hope that you will learn these things to keep yourself and your loved ones safer.

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