Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why Prepare For Emergencies/Disasters?

Emergency preparedness is useful for more than a national or local disaster. It can keep you afloat if you lose a job or have an unexpected illness or injury. It is easier to see this during times of high unemployment and financial uncertainty. It just makes sense to think about how you will get by if you lose your job or get in a car wreck.

A more mundane reason for emergency food storage is convenience and economy. It is generally cheaper to buy in bulk. If you buy enough oats to last for six months it will probably cost you less per serving than if you buy enough for a few meals. You will not have to go to the store as often and that will be convenient and save you time and gas money. 

Stores are designed to make you spend more money than you need to. The less time you spend in stores, the less money you spend. 

A lot of people can see that a disaster could happen where they live. Looking at the news of extreme weather events worldwide and tsunamis and earthquakes encourages more thinking about what they can do to be prepared. 

If you are kind of sitting on the fence about an emergency plan and doing something about it, I hope you will read my blog and take action. 

It is ok to start with a pillowcase with a candle, matches, and a can of tuna in it. That will not get you through a long emergency, but it is a start. You are that much closer to being prepared than if you did nothing.

There is an old song that I like called the Arkansas Traveler. It is about a man who didn't want to patch his roof when it was not raining because the leaks were not a problem. That is how I look at preparedness. You have to patch the leaks before it rains. Don't wait for a disaster to come to your neighborhood, to show you the necessity for emergency preparedness.

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