Sunday, December 4, 2011

Be Happy! Beat The Holiday Blues

A lot of us think we are the only one who has holiday blues. Nope. It is hard to have perfect holidays ever, let alone every year. It doesn't matter what the cause for your sadness in the middle of all that cheer all over the place. You do not have to endure that sad feeling. There are ways to make yourself feel better.

Before your holiday blues really get going, make a list of little things that make you feel good. If you are on a tight budget stick with cheap or free ones. You don't have to finish you list all at once. You can add to it as you think of more things to cheer you up. Some of the items on my list are:
1. Pet my cats and play with them.
2. Go for a walk on a local nature trail.
3. Walk around a mall and window shop.
4. Tear pictures out of magazines and junk mail to decorate my organizing and storage boxes.
5. Make a special meal just for myself and use a placemat, cloth napkin and candles.

Those are just a few to give you ideas to start your own list of things that make you feel good. Every person is different and their lists will be different as well.  My list goes on for pages because I like a lot of things that make me feel happy and I have been working on my list for years. Your list will be shorter at first, but you have to start somewhere. As your list grows it works better, though. It is easier to find something that will work for your right now when it has more choices. A -35f walk on the nature trail might make me look at the list again for another choice, for example. That would be a better day to decorate my organizing and storage boxes.

Something that I do for the holidays and other times of the year is make someone else happy. Sometimes I do it anonymously and other times I do it up front and personal. It depends on how I feel, the person I am doing it for, and the situation. An easy one is to make or buy a small gift and tie it to somebody's doorknob or put it on the doorstep and leave, or ring the doorbell and leave fast. The gift can be as simple as a poem you wrote or copied off the internet. You could use jokes or pictures or stories too.

Site for Family and Friend Poems

fun stuff for gifts (and to cheer yourself up too)  The blonde jokes are pretty funny.

Doing a good deed is a great way to feel better.  I have that on my list, but I just do it whether I feel bad or not sometimes. One of my easy ones is to pick up litter and throw it away in whatever size area I feel like tackling. Since I ride buses, it is usually a bus stop. This idea is a good one to make sure you have hand sanitizer or gloves for. Sometimes other people start doing it too. That is especially fun.

I am sorry I did not post the strap for your go bag. It required illustrations and I did not have time for them and a friend was feeling down and I shared some of my idea for feeling better with her. That made me think that other people need them too.

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