Friday, December 30, 2011

Why Be Prepared For Emergencies?

The purpose of this  blog post and the whole blog is to help people to know enough not to die after a disaster.

More people die after a disaster than during the disaster. Most of those people do not need to die. They only die because they do not know enough to stay alive. The most important disaster preparation that you can make is to prepare yourself to think clearly enough to live through a disaster and stay alive afterward.

It will make it much easier to stay alive during and after a disaster, if you have enough supplies to meet your necessities until help arrives.

There are lots of reasons to be prepared for emergencies. Staying alive is an obvious reason to be prepared for emergencies. There are others that are less obvious.

If you experience your own personal emergency like job loss or serious injury, being prepared will help you. You can eat your stored foods until you have enough money to buy more

One of my favorite reasons for my emergency food preparedness is that it allows me to stay out of stores and go shopping less often. This gives you more time and money because you don't have to go back and forth to the store and you have less chances to go off your budget and buy unnecessary things. I also appreciate not spending my personal energy on running back and forth shopping. I feel more serene and peaceful without the unnecessary trips.

Another reason for emergency storage is related to the less trips part of it. Less trips means less gas burnt and is better for the earth.

There are unselfish reasons for emergency food storage as well. When you know someone who is having problems getting enough to eat you are able to spare food at any time to be able to help them out. It is a good idea to provide recipe print outs when you share from your food storage, however. The average person that you share with may have no idea how to cook and use it. I have experienced this. It is helpful at times to even help them cook it and show them how.

People who are suddenly impoverished are often in a bad mental state and may have trouble thinking clearly. If you don't help them with recipes and cooking assistance I have found they may waste your precious food and go hungry anyway.

During an emergency, if you have plentiful stores of food you are usually able to feed others who are not so prepared. There are cautions about this. There will be so many people who are unprepared that you will not be likely to be able to feed all of them. Hungry people can get ugly. You might be better off if you can get the food distributed by a third party such as a disaster agency like the Red Cross or a Rescue Mission. That way you can keep your anonymity and safety.

If you are prepared for emergencies, you will feel better. One way to get rid of worry about potential problems is to prepare for them. Once you have your disaster preparedness in place it will take one more worry out of your life. You can be happier and more serene and enjoy life more.

I am sorry if regular readers are tired of me repeating some of the ideas mentioned in this post. I believe some readers of this blog may not stay around to keep reading. If they only read one post, I hope to have something important in that one post that might some day save their life.

People remember things better with repetition and I hope for that to happen with the ideas in this blog. I would like for people to remember things in these posts so they can use them to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

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