Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sifting Predictions For Next December's CataclysmicDisaster

I am a female prepper. I believe that we are to be differentiated from survivalists because we are more focused on our survival itself than on making it into a competitive activity. I had already been working on disaster preparedness before I found out what the excitement was about for 2012.

Youtube is the first place I discovered predictions about the disasters expected next December 21 of 2011. A lot of impressive types agree about it. The Mayan and Egyptian calendars are in agreement within about a year. A year sounds like a lot to us, but these folks made these predictions thousands of years ago. On the time scale of thousands of years, one year is pretty close, especially when you consider they were not using the same year lengths.

The majority of people who expect the world to end next December think it will come in the form of a polar shift. A polar shift is a sudden rearrangement of the tectonic plates that we humans live on. The continents shift in movements big enough and fast enough to cause massive earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.

I do not think the world will end next December, but I do think it could be a rough year to live through. I am not ready for such a big disaster as is expected, but I can handle smaller ones ok. I am making an effort to be prepared for next year's disaster the best I am able to do. I figure it is better to be ready and not have the disaster and not have it happen than the reverse.

I have given several people a quick tour of youtube videos on the subject of next year's cataclysmic disaaster. They were all pretty upset by what they saw, but all thanked me for it and said they would rather know than not. It occurred to me that more people might also appreciate it, so this blog post is going to do the same for my gentle readers.

This one explains what a polar shift is and that scientists have found they have happened before

This one is maps of what will be under water after 2012

There are lots more of these and whole sites with nothing but this stuff. It is enough to scare stuff right out of you. I do not think you should let it make you panic. I am going to do more posts about suggestions on what to do if you think this might or will happen.

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