Monday, December 12, 2011

Thoughts On Gender Role Perceptions

What younger age cohorts say about male/female roles is interesting. I have read that women can develop the physiques that we regard as typical for men. Maybe humans will soon stop having sex-linked characteristics. I am not sure whether that is good or not.  Maybe there will be a reversal in size and strength characteristics between men and women. There are other species where that is the norm.

Being too stereotyped for gender roles is not effective for homesteading, it seems to me. If you homestead you need to be more versatile than city folk on the grid.

I am a jill of all trades, but I can't do everything. I have more tools than most men, but some I am not so adept with. I am kind of wary of power tools so I don't use/understand them well. I do pretty well with hand tools though. I can do some basic car repairs and read the manual whenever I buy a vehicle and note suggested regular maintenance, etc.

I can do three plumbing things, change washers and filters in faucets, fix float valves, and wield a mean plunger. A plumber said he'd hire me for an apprentice because those items are what they do most of the time. lol.

I do basic carpentry and can do some home repairs and design and build simple furniture, using mostly hand tools. I also carve well, but consider that art, not carpentry.

I don't feel motivated to learn much more about mechanics, carpentry, or plumbing than I already know, because I prefer to stick to what I am pretty good at. I am able to outfit a person from headgear to footgear and everything in between. I am able to make it artistic and aesthetically pleasing if I have time as well. I can make most basic furnishings from the wood part to the soft parts and can cover the windows practically and aesthetically.

I can come up with something edible out of most ingredients. I can use herbs and food to help with healing and have a rapport with and can train most animals.

I'm pretty girly/feminine and prefer to wear dresses most of the time, even for gardening. I'm more comfortable with a somewhat male/female division of labor than a complete free-for-all about it. Some of this may have to do with my baby boomer generation.

Maybe this difference in younger people and their perception of gender roles is part of a change in the human race. lol. I am not sure whether this is good or not. It certainly is interesting and gives me a lot to think about.

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