Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Decide To Blog About Saving My *ss (Survival)

About a year from now, a large number of people from past and present think that the world will experience an enormous catastrophe that may end life on the earth. There are some real heavyweights lined up on this idea and it is pretty scary that there are so many of them. This could make a person wonder about their survival, which I do not like.

The Mayan and Egyptian calendars agree within about a year. Nostrodamus and more recent prognosticators agree about it. Youtube has enough about the subject to let you watch depressing videos for hours, maybe days. I didn't watch them all, but it was enough to worry me a lot.

These gloomy ideas are about the physical part of the world. The prevailing engine of all of this destruction is largely agreed to be a polar shift. This is when the magnetic poles of the earth shift so that compasses point to a new north. The process involves the rather sudden shift of tectonic plates and that means a big mess for anything sitting on those tectonic plates, including humans. Part of that mess is earthquakes that would probably make a 9.0 look puny, and tsunamis to match. Another part would be volcanoes erupting en masse.

As if all the above was not bad enough, financial whizzes are talking bad stuff in their area. We seem to be on the verge of a global financial collapse. I think I am on the email list for every one of these bozos and they are all offering me free videos to rain on my parade. I watched one that showed me graphs that absolutely prove that if all the income of every single person in the USA were used, paying off the national debt would be impossible. Math is not one of my gifts, but we owe trillions and we keep adding more trillions yearly. My math is adequate to tell me a trillion is an awful big number and we are in deep doo doo.

It does not require rocket science to guess that my reaction would be to want to hie myself to the country and hole up for the cataclysm. I had already independently concluded that we are in for a polar shift in the near future, before I was made aware that a lot of other people think it will come next December 21.

I have been blogging away on various and sundry subjects that strike my fancy. I read that you should blog about what you know and what you are passionate about. I know a lot of different things since I have been in training for becoming self sufficient for most of my life. I am passionate about quite a few things too, but what could I be more passionate about than my personal survival?

I feel pretty strongly about making sure I die a natural death at the end of my allotted span. I believe I will just blog about this. Lots of things are involved in this prospect for me, so it will get a lot of variety in there so I don't get bored blogging about the same thing all the time. In some ways I have a short attention span. I gather that the attention span of the average internet surfer can be compared to that of a gnat, so that might work out well.

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