Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Get Up Close And Personal About Emergency Preparedness

I want to make my blog the best that I can manage, so that means that I read stuff about: "How Write A Good Blog," a lot. I just read that one should write stories and write about your personal experiences and feelings in a blog to make it more interesting. I have actually been trying to avoid this. Hoo boy! Now we are all in for it! It will be a lot easier for  me to do that than keep it impersonal.

I suppose all of that means I should tell you that I have a fat cat purring in my lap. This one is the amateur one who is only about three years old. The professional cat, a twenty-two-year-old, is napping elsewhere. I have the keyboard on his back and he seems to like it. It can make typing a little more of a challenge.

Anyway. I actually want people to read my blog and rush out and get prepared for a disaster. I think that will keep the people who do that alive more than people who do not do get prepared for a disaster. 

My readership is not huge, so far anyway, but you have to start somewhere. I hope the few who have read this, are a little safer because of it.

I read a story that scared me when I read it. I thought that it would be good to put a link to it in my blog so maybe it will scare more people into getting prepared for disasters. We can try it and see what happens. 

Link to scary preparedness story

If your family members, like mine, have mixed reactions to the idea of disaster preparedness, maybe showing the story to them will rattle them enough to get prepared. I am printing it out and sending my family hard copies.

This has been a brief interruption in my process of trying to help people be prepared for disasters. I plan to go back to the subject at hand, disaster food. 

I enlarged the text on this post so that I could see it sitting way back from the screen to avoid disturbing my cat any more. I kind of like it enlarged like this and am going to keep doing it. I am waiting for new glasses with bifocal lenses so I can have closeup and computer vision in the same pair of glasses. I was going to shrink the font size when the cat left, (he did,) but I changed my mind.

I like sitting comfortably back in my seat while I type. It is much better than having my face glued to the monitor. I hope you readers are not bothered by it, and maybe some like it better.

Next post I will get back to emergency preparedness food, I hope in a more interesting way.

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