Thursday, June 28, 2012

Use Of The Internet For The Most Essential Part of Disaster Preparedness

No matter what kind of disaster preparations you have made, they will do you no good unless you know when a disaster is here. 

It is easy to see how blithely going about your business, when a tsunami is approaching your area, could prove fatal. It is not as easy to see how some other kinds of disasters could prove fatal, if you don't know they are imminent. If you have trouble with this idea, it is a good thing to think about.

This blog post is not for the purpose of persuading you of the need for knowing a disaster is at hand. I am making the assumption for now that you are reading this because you already know that.

You probably have a good radio with multiple forms of power sources. That is not the best you can do. You also need to try to know as far in advance as possible what disasters are most likely to affect you. It is even better to have some idea of when one of these disasters will strike your area.

The internet is a tool that you can use to stay informed of when a disaster might affect your area and you. Depending on regular media, such as newspapers, television, and radio to keep you well informed about some kinds of disasters could get you into deep trouble. 

I hope that you are staying informed about world financial problems. Many powerful countries are experiencing financial difficulties. These financial crises have already affected millions of people. If you are fortunate enough not to be one of those already affected, it is unlikely that such good fortune will continue much longer.

I have already posted about the crisis developing in the international competition for rights to the oil and minerals in the area of the North Pole. That problem has not gone away. It is worse. A Shell ship is heading toward the Arctic to begin drilling for oil this summer. That could precipitate a nuclear war. 

No matter who starts nuking who, we already know radiation does not respect boundaries.

We also have information on the internet, for those who choose to be aware of it, that other international nuclear crises are developing. Russia and China have both said that they will use all weapons, including nuclear, in certain circumstances.

There is not enough evidence on the internet to make a court case of it, but it looks a lot like the USA is preparing to use CIA drones to unleash a plague that would prove fatal to millions of people. This was discovered by countries that are friendly or neutral to the USA. I think that would get the USA nuked.

If you don't know about any of this, then you have a big hole in your disaster preparedness. 

I like to take a look at news from countries other than the USA. I think it is a good idea to do the same, no matter what country you live in. Reuters, BBC News, Pravda, and Al Jazeera are worth taking a look at for starters. Internet bloggers and internet news are also good.

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