Thursday, June 21, 2012

Coping With PTSD 2

This post continues the series on coping with PTSD. I am assuming that you will get professional help if you need it. My suggestions are things that have worked to get me functioning again, and helped others as well.

2. Art or music can also help. They can help to vent your strong negative emotions. I have occasionally punched a pillow or stuffed animal for this purpose. If you are very strong, a pair of boxing gloves and a heavy bag might be a good idea. If you have no access to these, you could wrap your hands to protect them and slug away at a tree or brick wall.

Art and music can help you express your feelings in a less physical way. Artistic ability is not required for this to work. You can either try actual objects or scenes to represent something or just go for making marks on paper, canvas or fabric or make something three dimensional like carving, clay, weaving or knotting.

Remember that your purpose is not the art itself, but your feelings. It is good no matter how it looks if it makes you feel better.

3. Exercise is also very cathartic. It helps to get bad feelings out of you. You will have to decide whether you need to walk alone or with company. When I am having a very bad time with PTSD, I usually want to walk alone. When I feel better, I am more likely to enjoy company. 

Having a dog to walk with is very good for me during PTSD recovery. Being able to take care of an animal may be too difficult to manage during the worst part of your PTSD. In that case, neighbors may like you offering free dog walking. The dog will certainly like it. If the dog you are walking is older, you may have to arrange shifts for the dog and find a spare dog to walk. It can take a lot of walking to get you through PTSD.

If you are feeling agraphobic, or a fear of open spaces, as part of your PTSD, you may want to just walk laps inside or back and forth, or use a treadmill or stationary bike or mini-trampoline. If you are going for the laps or back and forth, you may wear out a carpet. It would be a good idea to find some way of protecting the carpet. One way could be plastic runners that are meant to protect carpet from wear and dirt.

This is one of my longer posts, so must be continued again.

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