Friday, June 15, 2012

Save Money On Your Food Bill Through Emergency Preparedness

Preparedness can save you money on your food bill all the time when you do it right. There are many ways that this can happen. The easiest way to know about how this works is you already know that the price of food keeps going up. When you buy enough food to last a few months, you will save the difference between the cost of the food when you bought it, and the raise in price before you eat all of it.

Another way that you will save is in trips to the store buying a little bit of food at a time. You must spend time and money each time you go to the store and back home. One trip to buy a lot of food at one time is cheaper than many trips.

It is common for people to spend money on fast food when they do not have food at home and do not want to go shopping.  Having food on hand at home all of the time will save on buying expensive fast food.

In order for your preparedness food storage to save you money, you have to eat it as part of your regular diet. Some people waste their preparedness food supplies by letting them get too old or spoiled to eat.

The right way to use your preparedness food storage food supplies is to use the oldest food in your storage for your daily meals. As you use your older stored foods, you buy new food to replace it. This rotation will always keep your stored food fresh, so it will never spoil or go stale.

You do not have to make your own mixes like cake mixes, pancake or biscuit mixes. It is just a good idea to save more money. Factory made mixes cost a lot of money to buy from the store. 

You can get healthier food from the mixes by picking what you put in the homemade mixes, and they will not have a lot of chemicals and preservatives. I use whole wheat flour for my mixes, and reduce salt, to make them healthier. 

You can make mixes to suit the special needs of family members. An example of this is reduced calorie mixes, for a diabetic or someone who wants to lose weight.

Packaging your mixes may help you. In an emergency you will be tired and distracted, so mixes that are packaged in the amounts that you will need will help.  This could be individual servings for drink mixes or soup mix to serve the whole family one meal.

Here is a site with a lot of nice mixes on it:

There are many other sites with recipes for making your own mixes, but this one has more variety than most.

Making your own mixes will save you a very large amount of money. It is hard to understand how much money until you try it for a little while. If you do this your food costs will drop a lot.

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