Friday, June 1, 2012

Cheap Faraday Cage Continued or More About Protecting Your Electronics From EMPs

This post is a continuation of how to make your own Faraday Cage to protect your electronic devices against EMPs. Electro Magnetic Pulses is the long way to say EMPs. 

I posted on this yesterday and did other posts earlier to explain what EMPs are and why they are a problem. The short version of why they are a problem is they will destroy electronics from cell phones to cars and power plants.

I like the idea of using metal cans with metal lids stuffed with shredded paper around the electronic device inside it. It was suggested that one file the top of the  inside of the metal can to make sure it is in firm contact with the metal top of the metal can. There is disagreement among experts as to how important this is.

If I am going to try to keep an electronic device safe from an EMP and some experts think filing the top of a metal can will work better, I'm filing.

It is suggested by some experts that a double layer of both metal and insulation is more effective protection.

A few experts said that none of the above will work unless the electronic device and its Faraday Cage, are under three feet or more, of dirt. 

There is at least one company that sells envelopes of various sizes, that they say are effective Faraday Cages. They demonstrate this effectiveness by placing electronic devices inside microwave ovens, with and without their product surrounding the electronic device. They have videos on youtube to let you see this demonstration.

The company admits that nobody knows if protection from microwaves means protection from EMPs. The electronic devices do seem to be protected from microwaves by the company's products. 

The envelopes are silver, metallic material that the company claims is not mylar and is superior to mylar for Faraday Cage sort of protection of electronics. The envelopes range in size from cell phone size up to very large computer or television size.

I am not certain that the above product will either work, or be worth the money, so I am not giving their name on here. You can do a search for it if you want to know more about them.

One of the major problems with using a Faraday Cage is that they will not work when you are using most things you want in Faraday Cages. You must have a spare electronic device to keep in the Faraday Cage to protect it, or take your chances when you are using it.

The reason a Faraday Cage will not work when you are using it is mostly because an EMP can travel along electrical lines from the outside. Even if you are underground, if you get electricity from above ground, the EMPs can still destroy your electronics. It will get wireless too. If it can get a signal it can pick up an EMP.

Apparently, even if you use a generator that is also underground, the grid in your underground shelter may act as a receiver and zap your electronics by an EMP. If you have plans along these lines, be sure to find a way to vent the generator so you don't asphyxiate yourself from the gases given off by it.

I plan to make my own Faraday Cage. I hope to build an underground home and keep it under three feet or more of dirt, eventually. Meanwhile, I am making a two layer Faraday Cage myself. At the moment it will only contain an emergency radio. The next occupant will probably be a spare cell phone.

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