Monday, June 18, 2012

Organization Is A Survival/Preparedness Skill

I am an expert on the problems due to lack of organization, not so much on being organized. I have, however, read a lot about getting or being organized and am in a constant search for this elusive state.

If you are not organized it does not help your preparedness and does not help  with disaster risk reduction. I am happy to share some of the results for my search for organization and we can continue the pursuit, together.

One of my goals for preparedness is a spreadsheet file of all of my disaster preparedness supplies. I have enough now that it has gotten past keeping them all in my head. I do have a spreadsheet with some of my supplies on it, so that is a start, at least. 

Rotation of food into my daily diet and replacement of them is one of my bigger successes for preparedness organization.

I also keep adding skills and practicing some of the ones that are more theoretical. This is an area that I believe to be more essential, especially on a budget.

My preparedness knowledge, in general, is rapidly improving, thanks largely to doing research for this blog. 

My current major prepardness project involves researching and making a very compact basic survival kit that I am able to carry with me at all times. I intend to make one of these for all my immediate family members as well. 

Oddly enough, there is a lot of disagreement as to what survival basics are. This means a lot of research and refinement of what my personal idea of what survival basics are. I already posted some mini-survival kit ideas and links in one of my earlier posts. 

I don't believe you can ever rest on your laurels and declare that you have the ultimate end of basic survival kits ready. Someone always has an idea that will improve on what you already have made up. When I get my latest version ready, I will share it here. This may take a while, because this is something that I believe must be put to use to test it.

I don't have anything fancy in mind, but there are a lot of different fire making systems available for emergencies, for example. I already made my own waterproof matches and put them in a waterproof container. I also have some more methods available that will allow more long-term use than a finite supply of matches. 

I have run across some intriguing new bits of information that I would like to consider incorporating into my basic kit and have to find out more about them and pick what I like the best. Meanwhile you could use your summer, if you have it now, to practice making fires when you have a campfire or barbeque. If not, you could be testing cold weather gear.

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