Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Thoughts During An Earthquake At My Home Today

This afternoon there was an earthquake very close to where I live. It was also a rather strong quake. 

I am not nearly as prepared for disasters as I would like to be, but I have done just about as well as my resources will permit me to. As I can manage it, I plan to become gradually more prepared than I am today.

Thoughts of how well prepared I am and what else I need to be better prepared ran through my mind as the earthquake ran under my feet. I live in an old building with a wooden floor where I was standing and it was a pretty bumpy ride. 

The quake lasted for quite a while. It was very difficult to stay on my feet for the worst part of the quake. It wasn't just me either. My cats were having trouble too. lol. You know it is bad when cats have trouble staying on their feet.

My cats started to run one way and the floor still wouldn't hold still. They ran another way. They started yelling. I believe they were requesting that I make it stop. 

I didn't panic. I didn't freeze in terror either. That doesn't mean I really did anything useful. I was thinking, though. I briefly thought about going outside. I decided right off that is a bad idea. I read enough earthquake advice to know that is bad. 

There wasn't anything handy to duck, cover and hold on, but I was in a hallway surrounded by doorways. All the doors opened away from me. That meant the doors were not a hazard to me. They would not swing and hit me and bash me to pieces. 

The building is old so the doors are probably a lot stronger than the new ones so would provide a lot of strength around me. There was nothing on the walls to fall down and hit me and nothing up high likely to do that either. I decided to just stay right where I was. When my cats saw me staying put they did too.

Being in my hallway was not part of my plans in the event of an earthquake. Maybe it would be a good plan since it is fairly safe there. I could probably make it safer, though. I will probably do that.

The few things that I can manage now to be a little better prepared just moved up on my "to do" list. I hope my dear readers will consider doing the same.

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