Monday, December 31, 2012

How to Keep Your Brain Working

One of the problems with brainwashing is that when someone is brainwashed, they don't know it. 

People are able to tell fairly easily when someone else is brainwashed. This is especially when the other person has views that are very different from one's own. 

Television is an ideal media for the purpose of brainwashing. We have known for some time that subliminal messages are very effective. They work so well that people will react to the subliminal messages with no idea why they reacted.

I know that many readers probably do not know what subliminal messages are. When they are done visually, a message like, "Drink Brand X", is inserted in between frames in a reel or in a stream of pictures. When the subliminal message is inserted often enough your subconscious mind catches and takes in the message. 

When the subliminal message is inserted often enough for your subconscious mind to take it in, but not often enough for your conscious mind to take it in, you will not be aware the message was there or that your subconscious saw it. 

Here is how it works:

This one is more about the hypnotic effect of television without subliminals.


If you want to preserve your ability to think independently or this ability in your children, you might want to get rid of your TV set or drastically reduce the amount watched.

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