Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Increase Your Safety In Emergencies With A Go Bag or Bug Out Bag

A lot of survival experts give various time frames about how long you have to be out your door and on the road to be safe from a disaster that requires you to evacuate. None of the time frames are very long. They are definitely not long enough to run around and decide what you need to take with you when you evacuate.

I watched an awful real life video about a family that narrowly escaped death. It was because they not only did not prepare for evacuation, they did not even leave when told they needed to evacuate.

Most people would not be as fortunate as the family in the video. Most people who do things as stupid as the family in the video, would be dead. 

If you plan to survive a disaster, evacuation must be part of your plans. An essential part of you being able to evacuate safely means that you must be ready to do it quickly. That means you need supplies packed and ready to grab on your way out the door.

One of the names for a container of your essential evacuation supplies is a "go bag". It is also referred to as a "bug out bag". I have done numerous posts on the subject of go bags/bug out bags.

It makes me happy when I see Google statistics for my site that tell me people are searching for information about go bags and they land on my site and look at my posts on the subject. This blog has  great links to Red Cross, FEMA, NOAA, and other organizations that handle disasters or work to prevent them. 

I hope that readers will use this information to make their own go bags/bug out bags and be ready to evacuate when necessary so they can survive a disaster.

I have published suggestions for supplies to consider for your go bag and other necessary items. Every person must make their own choices about what is essential to them in a disaster. The possible choices in my lists and the lists of some links that this blog provides, will make it much easier for you to choose what to put in your own go bag.

A map with possible escape routes on it is a necessary part of most go bags. This part of your go bag can cost you nothing.  Important papers with information that you will need to take with you are a part of  most go bags.

I have several posts on this blog about how to choose a go bag to put everything into. My preference is a back pack of some kind. There are posts about different kinds of back packs so you can choose the best one for your needs, if that is the type of go bag you like.

Ways for family members to find each other after a disaster, if separated are covered in posts. This can be much harder than you think, unless you make plans.

I hope that readers will use this information to increase their chance for safety before, during, and after disasters.

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