Friday, December 7, 2012

Demonstrations Of Spiritual Energy At Work

These videos show people using the kind of spiritual energy I have mentioned in previous posts. I feel not entirely good posting about the first one because he obviously does not like attention. Please respect that and do not bother him.!

People who are not used to even the idea of such energy being a reality, may think that the things this man is doing are spectacular and impressive. I expect he is deliberately showing little things that he can do. Much more than what he shows is possible. 

All human beings have some variety of spiritual gifts that use the kind of energy that "DJ" demonstrates. If we do not use these gifts, we can never be truly happy and have actually wasted our lives.

Here is another man using chi, qi, grace, spiritual energy, juju, etc. to start a fire:

I do not know why he did such a small fire and made such a big production about moving his hands and fingers around so much. That is not necessary. It can also go up a lot faster and bigger instead of little holes.

The first man is right that these are not good uses of this energy or the work it took to be able to use it. Showing off is often harmful to the person doing it with spiritual energy. It is even worse if people are impressed and flatter you about your ability to do these tricks. Ego is a bad combination with spiritual gifts. It has the potential to cause you great harm.

I am sharing these videos about these cheap tricks because it is urgent that readers along with everyone else know that you can do these things and much more when you discover and develop your own spiritual gifts. 

Here is a video of a demonstration by a Buddhist priest or monk to policemen to demonstrate the use of an "energy bubble" that uses the spiritual energy I have spoken of:

I know it can be hard to believe that "attackers" can be pushed and knocked around with little or no physical contact, but it is true. The best way to see for yourself is to start collecting enough energy to cause your own spiritual gifts to awaken.

If you absolutely have to have "proof" to get you started, many kinds of martial arts masters can do the same sort of things. They occasionally allow outsiders to participate in demonstrations and you could see for yourself.

I agree with the Buddhist in this video that it is much easier to find a religion that you are comfortable with to help you avoid working all the details of your spiritual life all by yourself. What religion you choose does not really matter. 

There is only one problem to watch out for with the religion you pick. Don't let the religion influence you to be mean and cruel. Every religion has some element of this cruelty about it. You can choose to avoid that part. Just use the good aspects of your religion.

Here is a last demonstration of chi, qi, spiritual energy or whatever you want to call it being used:

You have exactly the same kind of energy inside you. You need to start using yours also and find out what yours is good for. You need to do that to be happy and make the world better.

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