Tuesday, May 6, 2014

More About USA Financial Situation

Here s a link to Capital Controls information:


This next one is more alarming, but he is trying to sell stuff. 

There is another law that was just passed, but it takes a really long time to load onto my computer. That probably means it is incredibly long. I don't know that I can possibly manage to read something like that all the way through right now.

I am not entirely sure that we only have to the end of this year or earlier before we get a USA economic collapse. I don't think that we won't get it that soon either. It does seem that we do not have long for this to happen, however.

Regular natural disasters or even smaller man-made ones are more limited in the area and number of people they affect. They usually have a fairly short time before the worst effects are over.

When you get something like an economic giant like the USA going into financial collapse we don't get the limits that come with natural disasters and many man-made disasters. This could affect most of the world to some extent. It could also last much longer.

This does mean you have more to think about for prepping for a USA financial collapse disaster. Other countries that have had these things happen usually have many of their services like police, fire, and medical stop working. This is because people stop working when they don't get paid. Not all of them even want to, but they have trouble taking care of their families and even getting to their jobs.

I have posts on this blog about dealing with big, widespread disaster situations like a financial collapse in a formerly wealthy country. You can use Google to search for the subjects that you want to look at. Just put in the name of this blog, yvonnessilverlinings and the subject you want to look at. This won't work as well on other search engines and you will have to type in the whole blog address:

I use labels in this blog to make it easier for readers to search for different subjects. A label that will work for the subjects I just mentioned is: TEOTAWKI. You will find out what it means when you look it up.

I write this blog so that more people have a chance to survive disasters and the human race has a chance to survive when more people do. I hope you will use this so that you and your loved ones can be part of this.

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