Sunday, May 4, 2014

USA Financial Collapse

Financial experts have been warning about the financial collapse of the USA since last year. They say this is because last year the interest on the national debt of the USA rose higher than the GPA, or the amount the entire country makes in a year.

The collapse is considered even more likely to happen by the financial experts before the end of this year, because of a law that was passed. The law goes into effect this July. The law tells you what you can not do with your money. Some of these things are: you have to not take it out of the country; and you have to leave a lot of it in the bank. 

Countries that have governments pass laws like our law that goes into effect in July, are expecting a financial collapse and want to try to slow it down by using the money of its citizens to do it.

If our financial experts are right, and they probably are, then we have a disaster coming in the United States. This probably also means that a lot of other countries will have problems as well.

A financial disaster is not necessarily that much different than other kinds of disasters. You can get ready for a financial collapse disaster also. Please read more of my blog or other ones that are about emergency preparedness and do what you can to make yourself ready to get through it.

I will post more about this as soon as possible.

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