Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Chance To Help Save The World

If you are not hibernating, you have probably noticed that we have a problem with climate change already. This problem will get much worse. It will make it harder and harder for people to just stay alive as it gets worse. 

Nothing much is being done about this problem and it is getting so much worse that we don't have much time to get to work on it before it is too late.

What is too late? We are constantly being bombarded with things that tell us we have to hurry before it is "too late". A lot of these are advertisements wanting us to buy something. This "too late" is different. 

This "too late" could even mean that the human race will be wiped out in a few generations because the Earth will be changed too much for us to live on it any more. Those changes on the Earth because of climate change, are things like not having enough oxygen, or clean air to support us any more. They can also be huge natural disasters that are much bigger than the biggest record-setting tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and forest fires, etc. than anything we have seen on earth so far.

The United Nations is having a summit on Climate Change in New York City this September from the 20-21. There is a march being organized by a lot of people ranging from locals to international NGOs. It is called the People's Climate March. If you want to join something that already exists, this might suit you. Here is a link to a site to help you sign up or find out more about it:

If it is possible for you to participate in this march or do other helpful activities connected with the UN Summit on Climate Change in New York in September 2014, please do what you can to help save the world. We only have one and need to take care of it. It would be pretty hard to replace it if we wreck this one.

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