Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why Does The XL Pipeline Matter To You?

The XL Pipeline matters to everyone in the world because it comes from very dirty Canadian tar sands. This is not a slur against Canadians. It is just about those tar sands they have.

The Canadian tar sands do have oil in them and they have a huge amount of it. The problem is that the oil in those tar sands would destroy your engine and just about any other engine, unless it is cleaned up a lot in order to use it.

The very large amount of dirty tar sands oil only makes this all worse. 

We have already passed the safety limit on how much carbon pollution we have in the air of our whole planet. Scientists who do their own thinking, agree that this upper limit of carbon atoms in our air was reached, and passed at 350 parts per million. We are already up to close to 400 ppm now.

It is believed that it is possible even at 400ppm, for us to undo the damage to our air and reverse climate change back to the safe level of 350 ppm. 

The vast amount of very dirty Canadian tar sands oil must be cleaned by processes which are themselves very polluting. Then if we add burning the still somewhat dirty Canadian tar sands oil to the pollution created when it is burned for fuel we will be in deep doo doo. 

All of that pollution both from cleaning up the Canadian tar sands oil as well as burning the oil itself will push us so far past a point of safe return, that there will be no turning back on climate change. It will officially be tipped into a vicious cycle. Climate change will then cause changes in the earth that will further heat up the earth, which will cause more changes to heat up the earth, and so on.

We are making our own warm place that we would deserve to spend eternity. We have taken a beautiful planet, the Earth, and rapidly destroyed it, mostly during the last two generations, starting with Baby Boomers parents, the War Babies, generation, and on through the Baby Boomers. 

The next couple of generations, the Gen X'ers and the Millennials, are not guilt free, but have not really had the opportunity to do as much as the last two generations.

"Why, Yes"! I do have something in mind that you can do right now to help with this problem. I am going to offer you a chance to throw your weight behind something that might help stop the XL Pipeline. I believe this is true even if you are not in the USA or a citizen of the USA.

It is a link to allow you to pick from several pre-written emails to send automatically to people who need to know how you feel. This is to help those people understand that there are a lot of other people who care about our survival, by slowing and reversing climate change instead of making it worse.     

You can make your "voice" count by doing a few clicks with your mouse. Be sure to sign here:

Here is my two cents that I added to the form letter emails they have available on their site:
"Getting the oil into The Keystone XL Pipeline is bad enough, but we might as well bend over and kiss our posteriors goodbye if we use all of that dirty oil. 

If you are responsible for setting an irreversible climate change that will spiral out of control, you may be able to live with your numb stub of useless conscience. You may not be able to live with other people who survive the onslaughts of the disasters that are becoming a way of life already. In between running for their lives from climate disasters, they will be thinking of you. It won't be good thoughts. "

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