Thursday, April 18, 2013


I am very sorry for being so erratic in my postings lately. I have been experiencing some severe difficulties and am afraid I may have more trouble being consistent in posting for a while. 

I hope that the large number of my previous posts will be helpful to you during this difficult period for me.

As I mentioned previously, I am planning to split this blog into several more niche types of blogs. I will probably not post on each one of those as often as I do here, but will probably post more often between all of them than I do here. I will provide plenty of easy links between the blogs so you can find them all if you are interested.

Most likely I will keep on doing a preparedness one or perhaps even split that into more than one segment of preparedness. If I do that, I will probably have a separate one on preparedness food and water.

I expect to do one on health in general instead of only health that is more related to preparedness. 

I will have to do one about my cats. Naturally I consider them to be especially beautiful and intelligent and like to share their wonderful qualities with others. :-) I also like to take lots of pictures of them and share those. I have exercised amazing restraint by not putting them all over this blog.

It is possible that I will do a blog about words. I happen to love words and collect them like some people do postage stamps or trading cards. Other people have the same fondness for them that I do and liked it when I had a blog on the subject a long time ago. I will have to see how that goes over. When I did the old one, there were very few word blogs. 
There are a lot more of them now, so that might thin out readers too much. Trial and error.

It is likely that this preparedness blog will go down to one post a week. I will probably make longer posts if I do that. This will allow me to cover subjects that can not be covered in the short posts that I usually do on this blog. I sometimes reject subjects because of that problem, so I already have a list of subjects like that.

My apologies again for my erratic posting lately on this blog. I will do the best I can to be as consistent as I can manage. It is fairly likely that I will drop back to one post a week a bit earlier than I had planned so that I can be more predictable with my posts.

Thank you for your patience.

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