Friday, April 5, 2013

Happiness Is Preparedness

When little kids are going someplace exciting, they often spend a lot of the trip asking their elders if they are there yet, or almost there yet. They have a hard time waiting for the good thing they are expecting to happen. 

They can be so busy wanting the end of the trip, they forget to look out the windows and see what is around them along the way. 

Adults can be the same way. We are so busy looking forward to something, that we forget to look around us right now.

We can tell ourselves that we will be happy "if", something happens or we get something. We can be very unhappy about not getting that something right now. 

Being unhappy can make you sick. Alternative medicine has been working on this theory for a long time, but regular allopathic doctors agree. What is in your mind can make you sick or well. 

Part of happiness is enjoying what you are and what you have right now. Happiness can be a matter of choice. You can decide to be happy right now, no matter what is happening to you or around you.

Once you decide to be happy, your life will be better. Even if your health is bad, it will be better once you choose to be happy. 

Happiness is contagious. Your happiness can spread to other people. People around you can be happier when your happiness spreads to them.

This reminds me of a Batman movie I saw. It had Jack Nicholson in it as The Joker. He always had a weird big smile in the movie. One time his smile became contagious, literally. I particularly liked the part where fish caught the Joker's smile and were swimming around with big smiles on their faces. lol. 

You can do that too. 

Your happiness may not take with everyone around you, but it will happen some. Some of that happiness that you spread around will be reflected back to you and make you even happier.

Don't forget happiness as part of your disaster preparedness. You will be better off before, during, and after a disaster if you choose to be happy.

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