Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why Cyclones/Hurricanes Are Getting Worse - Protect Your Posterior

Here is a link to a video about why hurricanes or cyclones, are getting worse. Human behavior is causing this to happen, along with other events due to climate change.

Two prominent weather scientists are interviewed on this video to help us understand what is happening and what we can expect to happen in the future. 

Suggestions are offered on what we can do and must do to deal with the dangerous side effects of climate change. One of these is changes in building codes to lower death rates from weather changes. Another suggestion is to stop making climate change worse.

I hear lip service to stopping climate change for the sake of our grandchildren, but am not seeing much action to match.

I think people need to quit spouting garbage about caring for their grandchildren. If people were really worried about them, they would be acting differently. Admit you don't really give a load of manure and what you are saying is just a load of masculine bovine fecal matter.

If you do that we can get down to serious business. We need to think about our own posteriors. We can stop climate change to save our own sorry posteriors.

Sure, climate change will be much worse after we are long gone, and our grandchildren will have to deal with that to survive. They will have a very bad time of it and a lot of us will never have great grandchildren because of it.

The nasty reality that we have to face during most of own lifetimes is bad enough to give us reason to stop making climate change worse right now. Most of us will face our elder years shivering with not enough fuel to keep us warm, while extreme cold weather rages around us. 

The longer we delay behavior changes to stop climate change from getting worse faster, the worse the bad weather and fuel shortages will be. It is high time we get busy with action instead of talk about saving our grandchildren. We need to save ourselves. 

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