Monday, September 30, 2013

Hard Times Come Here No More

One of the potential disasters I keep an eye out for is economic disasters. The USA is a sitting duck for that one. 

I am far from an economic expert, so I look at what the economic experts have to say about what the fiscal forecast is for the USA, and the rest of the world.

Many of the financial gurus who have a good track record of warning about past economic downturns are saying that we are due for a really bad one very soon. Some of them talk about 90% inflation that will hit suddenly. 

I am not just taking these guy's word for this stuff. They do provide facts and figures that back up their bad news predictions.

One of these bits of information that made me start paying more attention is about our national debt. The interest on what we owe has passed the amount of money that the whole country makes every year. The interest is now at 106-107% of the US GNP.

The coming financial bloodbath in the USA will make the Big Depression that my parents experience, look puny, according to the financial pundits.

Not being independently wealthy makes me think about food and being able to eat during very bad times. I am firmly attached to being able to have enough to eat at all times. I would like to be able to keep eating regardless of what the weather, the politics, or the economy is doing.

That means that part of my preparedness has to do with how to manage to keep eating if the economy heads for the basement. 

I have already mentioned that I think that being able to grow food is one of the best sources of security for most anyone. This is not something that can happen overnight. Even if you already have the knowhow and the supplies to grow enough food for yourself and your loved ones, it takes a while to get from seed to eating the produce from that seed.

Many of the people in the world, particularly those who have the wherewithal and knowhow to be reading this blog post, do not know squat about growing their own food. If you wish to keep on eating, you may want to get busy filling your knowledge gap in the growing food department.

I have previously posted on growing sprouts, microgreens, and small potted plants, even for apartment dwellers. I think it would be good for anyone, who is fond of eating, to get busy with these methods of learning through practice for growing your own food.

I have also previously posted on hydroponics for food production. I am planning to see if I can grow enough food to feed myself by using a vertical, or tower style, hydroponics system.

I sincerely hope that you, dear reader, will also investigate ways to feed yourself in emergencies, natural or otherwise.

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