Monday, December 15, 2014

Taking Care of Your Health Keeps You Ready For Emergencies

No matter what kind of emergency comes your way, you will handle it better if you are healthy.

That is why I write so much about health. 

Staying healthy is much harder to do if you don't pay attention to what you put in your body. That is much like trying to run a jet on car fuel or vice versa. 

You need to know what the beautiful and complex machine that is your body, needs to keep it working well. That will not happen by accident, so you might as well take a little time to learn what your body needs you to eat to make it work well.

I have posts on this blog about nutrition including basic nutrition charts. You can print the nutrition charts out and post them where you can see them while you plan and make meals. Once you learn the basics you can start on more complex information about nutrition and work your way up to phytonutrients and herbs, etc.

Google spiders have industriously indexed the spit out of this blog, so you can use a Google search to find whatever you want on here. I  used key words when I wrote these posts, but the industrious Google spiders went way beyond that, so that makes it easier for you to use this site.

Just to get you started with this, "food", "survival food", "nutrition", and "health" are some of the key words for this blog. If you put in even part of the name of this blog with a search term, Google will give you lots of my posts about that subject. There are over 500 posts on this site, so it might keep you busy a while.

I intend to write about how to decide what to eat and when. I think of this as a sort of, "Order Of Operations", or O.O.O. for short.

I consider this sort of thinking most relevant for a morning meal, or breakfast, if you prefer that word.

I like to do my oil pulling before I even drink a sip of water. The oil pulling works better if you have not eaten or drank anything for a while. The best is after you have been asleep a while. I then brush my teeth, the roof of my mouth, gums and tongue, etc. I concentrate most on skin areas instead of teeth. 

Oil pulling seems to have the greatest effect for improving blood circulation and general health of my mouth when I do that. My face and eyes even seem to do better.

I often do basic exercises right after this. Some exercises work much better on an empty stomach.

When I finish my basic exercises, I like to drink water and then juice, preferably fresh. I don't always get that, though. 

Juice loses much of its health value within a very short while after you make the juice, so it is best to drink it as fast as you can manage it. If I can't manage to do that, the next best is to put the juice in a nice mason jar that is closed tight, in the fridge. That is my second choice for healthy juice. It is not even close to as healthy for you as fresh juice, but sometimes we don't have the time for that.

Choco D, or my diatomaceous earth drink recipe that I have on this site, is my next choice for order of operations.

The reason for what I pick to go in me is that your food needs water to carry your nutrients throughout your body. Juice is really healthy basic nutrition that goes quite directly to your body where it will do the most good. Juice makes you healthy much faster than anything you eat, including something that is semi-liquid, like a smoothie. Juice is a form of nutrients that is much easier for your body to take in and make use of.

Choco D is next because the minerals in it, and the microscopic "lawnmower" blades that chop potential parasites up into bits too small for them to reproduce from, work best on a comparatively empty stomach. 

I have posts with links to other blogs that explain a lot more about how this stuff works, if you want to find out about it more.

I mostly drink a smoothie or eat the muesli that I also have recipes for on this blog, next. You want to use the enzymes from your juice to be able to make use of some very good nutrition. 
A healthy smoothie or muesli are some of that very good nutrition. These are not your only choices, but you need to make sure you pick something very healthy.

I usually drink green tea next. Green tea has excellent antioxidents in it. People who drink a little green tea regularly, have longer lives than most people who don't.

I keep drinking more water throughout the time that I am eating and drinking all of the aforementioned. Water, and plenty of it, has amazing benefits for our health. A good rule of thumb to figure out how much water you need daily is:
Check what your body weight is and think of half of that amount in ounces. Drink that much, or more of water a day. If you use a metric system to measure water, you can google something, like, "convert ounces to metric". There are lots of these online and some will offer charts as well.

By the time I get all the aforementioned into me, I am usually too full to eat anything bad for me. This is generally a pretty good thing.

I hope this, O. O. O., helps you to work out a plan for what fuel to put in your body so you can stay very healthy.

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