Thursday, July 25, 2013

Safety Alert For Cat Lovers

One of my cats is close to 24 years old. I gather that works out to over 100 years translated into people years. I really love him and take the best care of him that I can manage. I expect that has something to do with him reaching this advanced age in good health.

Two things that I watch out for especially with his health care are how he is doing with his poop and his urinating. I believe problems with these two health indicators kills most cats before they need to go.

I do all kinds of things that I have already mentioned in previous posts to make sure my cats can urinate and poop without health problems preventing it.

One of these things is cat litter. I make sure my cats like their litter okay and once I find a good litter that both my cats and I like, I stick with it for years. 

I have run into a problem with a cat litter that my cats and I have liked and used for several years. The litter is called, "Scoop Away". It is made by Colgate corporation. I liked it because not only did it meet kitty approval, but it also came in bags instead of plastic buckets that they had used before. This container is less polluting than the pails, even though considerably more awkward to carry and store at home.

Scoop Away seems to have made a change in their litter. This change is not good. It no longer clumps as well and it is not possible to get the litter as clean as it was before their change. My cats do not like it and started trying to hold in their poop and urine in order to avoid using the litter box because they dislike it so much.

This can cause health problems that can kill a cat in a short time. It is life threatening. 

I called the company and left a message with their customer service as soon as I noticed this problem. There has been no response. I believe this is because they have probably been inundated with complaints about their litter. 

They do not care enough about their customers or their cats to even respond to a serious complaint about their
Scoop Away cat litter product.

This reminds me of a huge mess a few years back with cat food. Several companies bought a cat food ingredient from China that had been deliberately contaminated to increase profits. This contamination caused the suffering and death of many cats. 

A friend had cats that ate the contaminated cat food and suffered permanent health damage from it. She had vet bills that ran $1,000.00 a month for several years until they finally died from it. Many owners sued the cat food companies over this problem. My friend did not have enough proof available for her to feel that she had a chance to win a lawsuit over her cats being injured by the cat food companies' products. Instead, she paid thousands of extra dollars to keep them alive for a little longer.

I believe that Scoop Away makers are doing something with their litter that is probably even more harmful to cats than the cat food debacle. 

I did not post about this problem without a lot of thought. I finally decided to do this post because I will not feel right if I do not share information that may help others to protect the health of their cats. 

I am changing the brand of cat litter that I use for my cats because I care about protecting their health. I am posting this to allow others to consider doing the same.

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