Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Climate Change And Health

Many of you readers are interested in your health. This is a good thing to be interested in. It is hard to enjoy good health if you don't learn what is required to get good health and keep it.

Sometimes people do not make good sense in their choices for their health. An example of this is people who decide to lose weight by drinking diet soft drinks. I am not going into the hazards of this idea on this post. This is just an example that many people already know is not that great a choice for good health.

Another bad health choice that many people make is not paying attention to what is happening to the planet we live on. We need the earth for our health. If we destroy the earth, we get things happening like the effects of climate change. 

We agree that breathing bad air is unhealthy. Some of us take care of the bad air problem by buying an expensive air purifier. We may be doing this when we drive many miles every day in a gas guzzling vehicle that does a lot to make the air worse. 

We may make sure that our food is healthy and organic and buy a house on a piece of land that used to grow organic food. We might put in a tennis court or swimming pool on that land and our neighbors may do the same.

We may be concerned about climate change when we see enormous hurricanes killing people and doing record setting damages. We may take yoga and meditate to help stay calm and not worry that the next hurricane might hit our area. We may be doing this when we are part of the cause of the climate change that brought us these super storms.

Yes, it is not that fun to think about climate change. It is even less fun to think about what we, as individuals are doing to make climate change speed up and get worse. 

Sometimes we have to think about unpleasant things to avoid them. It can be scary to think about the consequences of poor nutrition choices, but it is necessary to learn what bad nutrition can do to us so that we can make better choices. The same is true for bad climate choices. 

We do not have very long before climate change is irreversible, and goes into an ever-worsening spiral. It is time to learn what bad climate choices we are making so that we can make better choices and protect our health. 

You can be the healthiest, fittest person on earth and not outrun a natural disaster. 

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